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Bridgend Clinic :: The Best of Both Worlds

If you are considering arranging private treatment for yourself or a relative, you should start by discussing the various options with your family doctor. 

He or she can recommend you to a Consultant, who practises in Bridgend Clinic, who specialises in treating your condition. They will then write a letter of referral and then you or your GP can contact us to arrange an out-patient consultation. 

Some consultations do not require a GP referral. 
Please contact us and we can advise you. 

Appointments for an out-patient consultation can be made with the Clinic receptionist, who will arrange the appointment at a time to suit yourself, usually within 1 or 2 weeks. There are day-time and evening clinics to choose from. If you need further information before making an appointment, you may wish to contact the Private Patient Manager to discuss the service in more detail, or to arrange to visit the Clinic to see what we can offer at first hand. An initial consultation typically costs between £120 and £200 and may be all you need to resolve your problem. 

If you require further treatment and you wish to have a private in-patient or day-case procedure undertaken, we’ll arrange your admission at a time that suits your personal commitments. Again, this can usually be arranged within a few weeks.

General Enquiries:

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